Thursday, March 5, 2009

start with this

i'm not the only one without a blog anymore!!!! expect more when i get home from my night at work! after all it is my birthday, doesn't everyone work on their birthday?


  1. It was so great to be there to light the candles this year! Happy 23 to the baby of the family!

    And welcome to BlogWorld.


  2. Happy 23rd, Jonah! I miss you so much and totally wish I could be there to help you celebrate this year! Love you!!

  3. doh! Happy Birthday! You can't be 23 though! You were just 12 yesterday! We just took you and Noah and my lil brother to see Jurrasic Park II, remember?! Yeah, definitely not 23! That's my final answer!

    Welcome to this world!

  4. So glad you're here! Happy Birthday! I remember so well the day you were born. The tie-breaker. I love you even more now.